Do the hard work on your laptop or desktop, but think of the iPad

Do the hard work on your laptop or desktop, but think of the iPad
 Keynote for iPad tips

How to create an iPad presentation on your PC or Mac for use in Keynote for iPad

My presentation tool of choice is PowerPoint but Keynote for Mac is just as powerful.  So how do you create a presentation on your desktop so that it looks good on your iPad?  When you develop a presentation on your laptop or desktop keep in mind the maximum screen size on the iPad is 1024×768. Make sure your all of your graphics, backgrounds and images are designed for that size area. Keynote for iPad works best with graphics that are separate objects.

Transitions and effects:
Do not use advanced effects in Powerpoint or Keynote and expect them to convert easily to Keynote for iPad presentation. Fancy fades, gradients, grouped objects and image enhancements do not always transfer and the results are unpredictable at best. 
Any object groupings will be lost when you import your presentation.

Avoid using fonts outside of the fonts included on your iPad.  The iPad currently supports over 50 fonts.  Take a look at our complete list of iPad fonts available for Keynote for iPad.

Ready-made templates:
It takes time and practice before you become comfortable editing images, transitions and text in Keynote for iPad (or any tablet device).  W
e are very fond of Keynote for iPad and it's presentation capabilities. If you want to start presenting fast try one of our KeynotePlus ready-made custom iPad templates. If you purchase a template you can download it immediately and could possibly have your new iPad presentation up and running in less than 10 minutes.

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