Working with text in Keynote for iPad

How to insert and edit text in a Keynote for iPad presentation

One of the hardest tasks for me (before I read the Keynote for iPad manual) was how to add text to a Keynote for iPad presentation. It’s much easier when you are working with a ready-made KeynotePlus iPad template, just a couple taps and swipes here and there and you are done.  Most ready made ipad templates have already sized and selected the best font however, what do you do when you want to add additional text to a slide? Follow the instructions below and you will soon be on your way to becoming a Keynote for iPad Pro.

1. Launch Keynote for iPad (if you are not already working in the app)
2. From the slide you wish to add text click on the media icon (it looks like a small picture with a mountain and moon in a frame) - as shown in fig 1a
3. Select the "Shapes” tab then scroll (if necessary) to the "T” without a border
4. Once you tap the "T” you will see a text box surrounded by a blue border. The blue dots allow you to enlarge/shape the text box to your desired size. You can also move the text with a tap hold and move with your finger.
5. To edit the text, double tap on the words you wish to change then type your desired text.

(Fig 1a) - How to add text to your keynote for iPad document
Tap on the T under the Shapes tab

(Fig 1b) - How to edit text on your Keynote for iPad slide.

Tap the text and drag it to your desired location.

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